About Us


Background of the Business


         First of all, it is important to know that Waliin is an online business, which is based on the internet, web, and smartphone technologies. Waliin has launched a mobile & web application, that work as a social media platform, and this Application will come up with different services. It is also vital to mention here that Waliin has been developed for both renowned mobile platforms and the web:

·         Android

·         iOS

·         Web App

It means that both Apple iPhone Users and Google Android users can install and use Waliin. In addition to that, users will be able to access this on their PCs, cell phones, tablets, and other devices through Web browsers.

It is vital for the stakeholders to understand that this particular document will not only come up with details regarding the background of the business, but it will also include comprehensive details on terms and conditions as well as a privacy policy for users so that everyone can know that how this Waliin platform is developed with secure methods to keep their sensitive data secure and safe from any kind of internal and external vulnerabilities.

So, first of all, here is a brief introduction to the social media services of the Waliin platform:

  1.  Social Media

This Waliin business comes up with a social media app like Facebook, where people can sign up for their accounts on Waliin apps, and then they can do various things with this social media platform such as:

  •   Users can add friends and accept or reject friend requests as well as they can share any kind of information, which is in line with the community guidelines and they can also create their groups with people of similar interests or friends:

    •     Regular users can do chatting, posting, and commenting

    • Group chatting and commenting as well as information sharing

    • The app will also provide its users with the facility to live stream their personal or even professional events

The users of this app will also be able to make audio/video calls to each other, and groups can join video conferences

So, these are some of the features of Waliin social media platform.

2. Advertisements

         This portion is based on associate or affiliate marketing. In this section, the companies will come up with their ads, and viewers will be able to see those ads, and on every ad, the users will start earning points. Moreover, the company will also get its share from the advertiser, as this platform will allow advertisers to post their ads, and reach target customers, and get views, which is their ultimate goal. So, companies and individuals will post ads; users will view these ads, and then ads payment will be given to users when they will follow the given guidelines and reach a certain amount of money in this regard.