Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions for Waliin Web and Mob App Social Media

It has been mentioned earlier that the Waliin App will be involved in multiple features of social media services, which very much would work like other social media platforms. So, the next portion of this document is going to describe the privacy policy as well as terms and conditions for the Waliin social media.

Privacy Policy

         The following privacy policy describes how we process as well as use information of users for our social media app.

What type of information do we collect?

  •  It is important for users to understand that you provide a variety of information to us when you sign up for an account on our Waliin. So, we collect that personal information regarding your name, age, gender, location, etc. Moreover, whenever you share information or create a post with your picture or any information, we collect the data for that post like the location from where the post was added, or where the picture was taken, etc. In addition to that, when you use different features of our social media app such as our camera, then we collect your information to suggest filters & masks as per your interests and previous activities. It is important to understand that any kind of information shared by you can only be seen by the audience of your choice. For instance, if you share information in your profile that is your religion, whether you are married or unmarried, what are your political interests, and what race/culture you belong to, etc. If you want the public to read this information, then you can make it public, or if you want only friends to see this, then you can select the friends-only option, and if you want to keep this information private, then you can select hide option from the privacy settings.

  •    We also collect information about you, by analyzing your app usage, what kind of content is being viewed or liked by you, what kind of posts you are making, what kind of actions are being taken by you, what sort of people or users you interact with, duration as well as the frequency of your app usage.

  • We also collect information on what kind of people are in your friend list, which type of groups have been joined by you, what type of pages you visit the most, what kind of academic activity you pursue.

  • We also collect any kind of information shared or commented on by others regarding you. For instance, what was commented by your friends on your posts and photos, and what frequency of messages you receive from other users, as well as the users who connect with you in groups or classroom

Information taken from Devices:

  • We collect information from your devices, such as your smartphone. So, whenever you use our Waliin App from any smartphone, we collect information regarding that device, and if you change your device and log in to your account on any other device, we collect that data too so that we can personalize content as well as ads for you.

  • We collect information about attributes of the device such as its software version, its hardware, its manufacturer, its operating system, storage, plug-ins, as well as signal strength

  •  We also collect information about devices through settings of your device, which you opt for like allowing our app to access your Camera or GPS location. And the information collected from nearby Wi-Fi access points, Bluetooth technology as well as nearby cell towers when using mobile phone data

  • The cookie data is also collected by your devices, whenever it is stored such as cookie settings & cookie IDs. The mobile phone operator being used by your device as well as phone number, time zone & IP address is also collected from Waliin. 

 How Is Information Used?

  • We use your collected information solely for business purposes, which are to improve your user experience as well as provide you with personalized and customized features with relevant data and ads of your interest.

  • We use this information to suggest friends, groups, etc. on Waliin. 

  • We collect location-related data from your device and app and then use it to provide you with suggestions as well as experience regarding your local aspects

  •  We use your valuable and personal information to promote security, integrity as well as safety. For instance, information is used to deal with any harmful activities, external threats, verification of your account, preventing any fraudulent or spam activity as well as avoiding any kind of bad or unhappy experience for you.

  • We use this information to provide you with the best user experience and get back to your queries with relevant information, as we already have data for your interests. This information is also used for research purposes.


Cookie Policy for Waliin Social Media Mobile & Web App

         To keep transparency in each of our data collection & usage process, we may develop a cookie policy, which would describe how we use these cookies and how they are used:

  • Cookies are small files, that are placed on the devices of the users, which enables Bayise to function properly with its all relevant features. Cookies are very important for us to collect information about users and their devices for their safety and security online so that no one else can use their accounts or information. We will have cookies in the future. However, cookies haven’t been included in the current build.

  •  It is to inform all users that Waliin may use cookies as well as relevant technologies to make sure that our users can get the best and most advanced experience with us.

  • When any browser on a PC, cell phone, tablet, and other devices, or Mob accesses Waliin app, then they will receive cookies from Waliin, and a notification bar will prompt to users, whether they allow us to use these cookies or not. If users don’t agree, then we don’t continue with those cookies on their devices.

  •  It is important for users to know that cookies are used for the following purposes on Waliin:

o   Advertising

o   Authentication

o   Research Purposes

o   Performance & Analytics

o   Safety & Security

o   Services, Features & Preferences

o   Measurements, Insights & Recommendations